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Glassons Fashion

In-House Fashion Photography Studio
Glassons Fashion

A lot of e-commerce fashion brands need to be able to photograph new items quickly. Maintaining the look of their brand is important and having a studio setup just for you helps achieve this. Glassons already had a builder but needed help with the design, setup and equipment. 

The Process

In this case, I was consulting on the studio build. Glassons provided images of their setup in NZ and wanted me to copy and improve the functionality of the space. The NZ setup was small and hard to work in, so instead of using paper, we built a Cyc.

This allowed us to light the background separately, giving us control over how light it is. Glassons tend to have a more natural off-white background, but this can easily be adjusted in the future due to the setup.


The studio room is 8.3m x 11m and has a single wall cyc 4m wide. The room was originally a meeting/training room that was not being used due to people working from home and having video meetings. The room is a good size for fashion since it has space for racks, makeup and change rooms.  

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