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Edu Art Photography Studio

About Abbotsleigh

"Abbotsleigh is a leader in girls’ education, where both learners and educators thrive. Our girls are unafraid to be awesome. We empower our girls to serve and inspire the community and become strong global citizens and courageous, socially responsible leaders. At Abbotsleigh, we are inspired by hope and we respect, explore and experience the beauty and wonder of the Christian faith. The greatest professionalism exists throughout the school, always aimed at building a better future."


Room Detail:

The room is designed to allow a class worth of students to break into groups and take photos throughout the studio. The studio has a 3m x 6.5m white corner cyc. This allows for group shoots and full body as well as 3 still life setups with various backgrounds and a full-size paper background system with 4 backgrounds to choose from. 

Key Features:

• 3m x 6.5m white corner cyc
• High-quality LED lighting with Bowens Mount for still-life and video. 
• Lights are mounted onto a 4 Pantograph Ceiling Track System.
• 3x 3-Hook Expan mounted backdrop systems with a variety of 1.3m white, black and colour for more shooting options

• 1x 4-Hook Expan mounted backdrop systems with a variety of 2.7m Green, black and colours for more shooting options
• Blackout curtains splitting the two studios up so multiple shoots can happen at once
• tables for still-life photography

Main Benefits:

• Fully customisable lighting, equipment, floor and background
• A versatile space for film production, studio photography and more
• Cables are off the floor, eliminating tripping hazards and ensuring student safety.

Photo of the studio build
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