Cyclorama Curved Studio

Looking for a studio area that has a seamless infinity curve over one or more joins, eliminating shadows and giving the impression of an endless void?

Dragon can help

Hurstvill Libary Build finished 2.jpg

Build you own    Cyc Studio

We sell the same curve we use on our builds. These cyclorama components reduce labouring costs, installation time, and promote an overall more straight forward installation.

Manufactured stronger and harder than traditional curve meaning you don't need to add supports.

studio curve corner.jpg

Cyc Chromakey Studio

Planning on removing the background?

Why not build a chromakey studio?

"Chromakey is the process of shooting against green screen to then remove that screen colour with special software, and adding in a different background."

Dragon Studio Solutions can help


Custom Cyc Studio Build

Need help visualising what your studio will look like? If you tell us what you need and the size of the space we can make a 3d model with lighting to show you. We also Install lighting so it really helps us to know what you need.