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ACTU Studio Build

In a notable shift, the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), comprising 38 affiliated unions representing 1.8 million workers and their families, embarked on a visionary project. Beyond spatial reconfiguration, this transformation aimed to establish a dynamic hub for producing impactful video content. The challenge: convert a sizeable boardroom into a cutting-edge video production studio that embodies the essence of visual storytelling.

Elevating Space with Purpose

Turning a vast boardroom into a functional video production studio is a noteworthy undertaking. For ACTU, this meant constructing a space that not only accommodates their requirements but also enhances their communication prowess. The journey was one of ingenuity and adaptability, with each obstacle met by innovative solutions. As the final pieces fell into place, the studio materialized as a vibrant arena primed for crafting compelling video content.

The ACTU Video Production Studio: A Closer Look
  • Size: The studio spans 9 meters by 4 meters, providing ample room for diverse setups that facilitate a wide array of video content creation.

  • Type: Designed with a corner cyc setup, the studio allows for versatile angles and compositions, maximizing creative possibilities.

  • Colour: The inclusion of a chromakey green screen backdrop transforms the studio into an adaptable canvas, enabling the integration of various visual settings.

  • Lighting: With 32 Lightpro Tracklights ensuring even and adjustable illumination and 4 LightPro 1000c Ultra Soft LED lights contributing to the perfect ambiance, the studio offers optimal lighting for diverse video content genres.

  • Other Products: The studio is further equipped with a motorized background system for seamless transitions between setups. Complementing this are 4 paper backgrounds and 1 media background, providing a versatile backdrop for narratives. Moreover, strategically placed acoustic panels ensure impeccable sound quality—an indispensable element of impactful video content.


Shaping a Visionary Future

ACTU's commitment to establishing a cutting-edge video production studio resonates with their dedication to empowering workers and amplifying their voices. This transformation exemplifies the potential of vision and innovation, underscoring how space can be molded to craft resonant narratives. As the studio opens its doors to a new storytelling era, the focus remains on generating content that captures attention, triggers change, and shapes the future.


At the Junction of Space and Purpose

Within the dynamic convergence of creativity and technology, ACTU's video production studio stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities emerging from innovative synergy. Through this metamorphosis, the power of storytelling takes center stage, guiding a path toward a future where every narrative is granted the chance to be both heard and seen.

Room Detail:

Converting a large boardroom into a studio has its own challenges. This is a studio install for ACTU, The room had a few challenges that needed to be addressed when we convert it to a studio. Once it was done the space had a new purpose to produce video content.


9m x 4m


Corner Cyc studio.



Chromakey Green


32 x Lightpro Tracklight

4 x LightPro 1000c Ultra Soft LED

Other Products:

1 x motorised background system

4 x Paper backgrounds 

1 x Media background

8 x Acoustic Panels

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