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Big Box Cars

About Big Box Cars

The idea behind Big Box Cars is to provide a purchase experience as simple as 'Choose | Buy | Enjoy'. They have brought together hundreds of used cars into one physical location in Brisbane – and they are all online first, so you can window shop from the comfort of home. You can choose what you want to see and make an appointment to explore your choices. You put in the time, you do the research, and you arrive knowing what you want to look at. They then do everything they can to make this purchase as comfortable, quick and friendly as possible.

Room Detail:

A professional fully-equipped car photography studio with a large mechanical softbox lighting rig.

Key Features:

• 10x10x7 metres (LxWxH) curved white cyclorama studio
• Mechanical Hoist Truss System for adjusting the height of the lights
• Overhead 6x6m Softbox with 9x Lightpro Shark 3000 LEDs

Main Benefits:

• Overhead softbox eliminates harsh reflections off shiny surfaces such as cars
• Large space means cars can easily come in and out, increasing their daily output
• Mechanical hoist is remote controlled, allowing for easy control

Photos from the build
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