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Bondi Sands - Photo Studio Build

Room Detail:

A professional fully-equipped white cyclorama studio with a ceiling mounted tracklight system.

Key Features:

• 4.6x4.5x3 metres (LxWxH) curved L-Shaped white cyclorama studio
• Lightpro 40B Powered Tracklight System mounted on the ceiling
• All lights are mounted onto a 4 Pantograph Ceiling Track System.
• 4-Hook Expan mounted backdrop systems with green, black, brown and yellow backdrops for more shooting options
• 2x Ultrasoft Panel LED's on Roller Stand

Main Benefits:

• Fully customisable lighting, equipment, floor and background
• A versatile space for film production, studio photography and more
• All cables are off the floor, eliminating tripping hazards and ensuring student safety
• The tracklight is perfect for low ceilings as the lights have a lot less clearance than other LED panels

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