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Casey Tech School

Chromakey Studio

About Casey Tech School

The Casey Tech School is a collaborative educational centre that offers cutting-edge, technology-focused courses to students from 23 secondary schools in the Casey area. With the addition of its new chroma key studio, the school is able to broaden its offerings, including Film and Video Production, Virtual Sets, and Gaming and Augmented Reality.

The addition of a chroma key studio to the Casey Tech School provides several key benefits:

  1. Improved Education: The chroma key studio allows students to learn and work with cutting-edge technology and techniques, giving them valuable skills and experience in film and video production, virtual sets, and gaming and augmented reality.

  2. Hands-On Experience: By having access to a fully-equipped chroma key studio, students have the opportunity to put what they've learned into practice and gain real-world experience in their field of study.

  3. Increased Creativity: The use of chroma key technology enables students to be more creative and imaginative in their projects, as they are no longer limited by the constraints of physical sets or environments.

  4. Enhanced Collaboration: The shared learning environment of the Casey Tech School promotes collaboration and teamwork among students, allowing them to work together on projects and learn from each other.

  5. Career Preparation: The education and experience that students receive from the chroma key studio at the Casey Tech School prepare them for careers in a variety of industries, including film and video production, gaming, and technology.

In conclusion, the chroma key studio at the Casey Tech School provides students with a wealth of opportunities to learn, grow, and prepare for successful careers in the technology and creative industries.

About the room:

Single wall 6m Chromakey Cyc

16 x LightPro 40B Tracklight mounted to the ceiling 

Acoustic foam to reduce reverberation 

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