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Covaris - in-house Studio

About Covaris

Covaris Pty Ltd is a specialist asset management engineering consulting company with a strong background in manufacturing, facilities management, mining and processing plant, and utilities (power and water).  It is a member of the Australian Asset Management Council and the UK Institute of Asset Management.

Room Detail:

This is a small space that incorporated slim LED lighting and background system to allow for Zoom conference calls and training videos.

Key Features:

• Studio set up in a small 3x3.5m room
• A 3-Hook Expan mounted backdrop system with green, white and black backdrops 
• High-quality studio LED panel lighting mounted onto the ceiling via scissor clamps and wall spigots
• All lights are connected to a single power switch

Main Benefits:

• A tight space that has been maximised for a specific use
• All lights mounted on the ceiling keeps cables off the floor and wall, eliminating tripping hazards and making it safe space

Photos from the studio build
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