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Hello Social in-house Studio

About Hello Social

Hello Social is a specialist Social Media Marketing Agency providing integrated strategies, content production, channel advertising, community management and much more.

Their edgy content creators and data-driven social media experts smash brand and commercial objectives through robust marketing strategies, paid media advertising, community management, influencer marketing and dynamic activations. Using the latest social advertising technology they achieve reach and results that would be simply impossible with traditional media alone. 


Room Detail:

This studio needed to be flexible in a tight space. A lighting rig is installed, keeping lights off the floor, and a 3-Hook Expan Background System allows options for multiple backdrops.

Key Features:

• Studio set up in a small 4x4m room
• A 3-Hook Expan mounted backdrop system with green, white and black backdrops 
• High-quality studio LED panel lighting mounted onto a ceiling grid system
• Acoustic foam makes the the space sound treated (not fully soundproof)

Main Benefits:

• A tight space that has been maximised for general video and photography
• All lights mounted on the ceiling keeps cables off the floor and wall, eliminating tripping hazards and making it safe space
• An example of a space where the entire process from quoting to final installation was completed in less than a month

Photos from the studio build
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