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Hurstville Library

Empowering Creativity: Exploring the Dynamic Possibilities of Hurstville Library's Innovative Studio


In the heart of Hurstville, a new wave of creativity is unfurling at the corner of Queens Road and Dora Street. Hurstville Library has taken a visionary step forward by introducing a cutting-edge studio, designed to unleash the creative prowess of its community members. From amateur photographers to aspiring filmmakers, the studio's dynamic features cater to a wide spectrum of creative ambitions. Join us as we delve into the details of this transformative space and the boundless opportunities it offers.


A Hub for Creative Expression:

The Hurstville Library has become more than just a repository of books; it's a haven where imaginations run wild and creative aspirations take flight. The newly constructed 8m x 3m studio stands as a testament to the library's commitment to fostering a thriving creative ecosystem within its walls. Dragon Image, a name synonymous with quality, has lent their expertise to the creation of this space, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with the library's vision.


A Canvas for Visual and Audio Masterpieces:

The studio's dynamic design is a nod to its multi-faceted purpose. Library members now have the privilege of harnessing their creative thoughts and transforming them into high-quality audio and video content. The single-wall white cyclorama studio, measuring 8x3 meters, provides a seamless canvas for capturing the imagination. However, what truly sets this space apart is its 3-Hook Expan mounted backdrop system, offering green, black, and grey backdrops that open the door to endless possibilities.


Versatility in Action:

The Hurstville Library studio's impact goes beyond the realm of creativity. It serves as a hub for both the local community and businesses. Library staff leverage the chromakey studio for filming or livestreaming engaging sessions like 'Digital Story Time' or 'Skills Workshops,' engaging audiences from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, local businesses have found a platform to enhance their online presence through photo and video content creation.


A Symphony of Benefits:

One of the standout features of this innovative space is the absence of installed lighting. This intentional decision empowers filmmakers and content creators to exercise complete control over their lighting setups, ensuring that their artistic visions are brought to life with precision. This attention to detail extends to the broader community, as the studio welcomes all, irrespective of skill level, to partake in its offerings. It stands as a testament to the library's commitment to democratizing creative resources.


The Perfect Setting for Production:

The Hurstville Library studio isn't confined to a single avenue of creativity. Its design caters to both photography and video production, making it an ideal choice for creators of various disciplines. Whether you're capturing moments that tell a story or producing videos that resonate, this space adapts seamlessly to your creative requirements.


Hurstville Library's innovative studio isn't just a room; it's an embodiment of possibilities. It's a space where community members, aspiring artists, and local businesses converge to give life to their ideas. With its versatility, thoughtful design, and commitment to empowerment, this studio becomes a nucleus of creativity within the library's vibrant ecosystem. Whether you're envisioning the next cinematic masterpiece or capturing the essence of a moment through a photograph, the Hurstville Library studio stands ready to support, nurture, and amplify your creative journey.


Photos of the studio build
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