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Mystery Clock Cinema Studio

Unveiling the Future of Film Production: Inside the HERETIC FOUNDATION Studio for Director Alex Proyas

In the heart of creative innovation, a revolution in film and video production is taking shape. HERETIC FOUNDATION, a trailblazing entity, is at the forefront of constructing a new paradigm in the world of visual storytelling. One of their most remarkable feats is the establishment of an extraordinary video studio, custom-designed to fuel the creative vision of none other than acclaimed director Alex Proyas.

HERETIC FOUNDATION - Pioneering a New Era

HERETIC FOUNDATION is rewriting the rules of film and video creation, elevating the art of storytelling to unparalleled heights through their innovative studio setups and groundbreaking technological integration. Their ethos is built on a seamless workflow that harnesses the power of Unreal Engine and LED screen technology, empowering creators with the ultimate control over their narratives. From the initial spark of pre-visualization to the final touch of color grading and finishing, HERETIC FOUNDATION's approach unifies creative disciplines and brings them under one roof.

This visionary foundation propels the full spectrum of visual effects, encompassing everything from 3D asset and character creation, dynamic environment construction, and real-time virtual production, to motion capture, traditional post-produced visual effects, animation, and the intricacies of final rendering and composition.

Mystery Clock Cinema - Bridging Creativity and Vision

At the helm of this cinematic journey is none other than Alex Proyas, the mastermind behind the formation of Mystery Clock Cinema, an Australian film production company. With a filmography that reads like a tribute to imagination itself, Proyas has delivered cinematic marvels that have etched their place in film history:

  • "Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds"

  • "The Crow"

  • "Dark City"

  • "Garage Days"

  • "I, Robot"

  • "Knowing"

  • "Gods of Egypt"

  • "Sister Darkness"

The Studio Unveiled

Central to the HERETIC FOUNDATION's innovation is the creation of a state-of-the-art video studio that caters to the unique and visionary demands of Alex Proyas. This bespoke space is not just a studio; it's a canvas where creativity knows no bounds. Here's what makes it stand out:

Room Detail:

The studio stands as a professional sanctuary for artistic exploration, equipped with a Chroma Green Screen and meticulously designed lighting configurations. It's a playground where imagination and technology converge.

Key Features:
  • Curved Chroma Green Cyclorama Studio: Spanning 10x5x5 meters (LxWxH), this dynamic backdrop provides a versatile canvas for all manner of visual storytelling.

  • LED Panel Grid Lighting System: The overhead lighting system, replete with adjustable color temperature, radiates an atmosphere that aligns perfectly with the mood and tone of the narrative.

  • Mechanical Hoist Truss System: An ingenious engineering feat, this system empowers the artists to tinker with the lighting's height, seamlessly adapting it to the evolving needs of the scene.

  • Ultrasoft Panel LED on Roller Stand: Bringing light where it's needed, this versatile tool enhances the visual landscape.

  • Blackout Curtains: The ability to control and manipulate light is paramount in filmmaking, and these curtains empower the creators to do just that.

  • DMX Crossfade System: Precision in lighting transitions is crucial, and this system ensures a seamless shift between scenes.

Main Benefits:
  • Analog and Digital Connectivity: The studio is designed with the future in mind, allowing for direct channel connection to VFX control rooms, fostering a dynamic interplay between analog and digital worlds.

  • Customizability: This isn't just a studio; it's an incubator for creativity. Every aspect can be tailored to suit the unique requirements of each production, from lighting to equipment and beyond.

  • Versatility Redefined: Beyond being a mere film production space, this studio serves as a conduit for virtual reality demonstrations and other artistic endeavors, solidifying its place as a multipurpose creative sanctuary.


In the nexus of technology and artistry, HERETIC FOUNDATION has succeeded in creating a space where visions are not just realized but elevated. With Alex Proyas at the helm, the studio is destined to birth narratives that push boundaries, shatter conventions, and carve new paths into the world of visual storytelling. As the industry watches with bated breath, one thing is certain: the future of filmmaking is being shaped within the walls of HERETIC FOUNDATION's groundbreaking studio.

Photos from studio build
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