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Crafting a Chromakey Video Production Studio with LED Video Lights for The ACTU

In the heart of creative evolution, an inspiring transformation has taken place. The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), representing 1.8 million workers and their families through 38 affiliated unions, embarked on a visionary endeavor. This transformation was not just about space, but about creating a dynamic hub for producing impactful video content. The challenge: converting a vast boardroom into a state-of-the-art video production studio that speaks to the very essence of visual storytelling.

Elevating Space, Crafting Purpose

Converting a spacious boardroom into a functional video production studio is no small feat. For the ACTU, this meant building a space that not only accommodates their needs but also enhances their ability to communicate their message. The journey was one of challenges and innovation, as every hurdle was met with creative solutions. And as the final touches fell into place, the studio emerged as a dynamic arena for the creation of compelling video content.

The ACTU Video Production Studio in Detail

Size: 9 meters by 4 meters - a space that provides ample room for diverse setups, enabling the creation of a wide range of video content.

Type: The studio features a corner cyc setup, allowing for versatile angles and compositions.

Colour: The chromakey green screen backdrop transforms the studio into a canvas where any visual setting can be brought to life.

Lighting: A crucial aspect of video production, the studio is equipped with 32 Lightpro Tracklights to ensure even and adjustable lighting throughout. Additionally, 4 LightPro 1000c Ultra Soft LED lights contribute to creating the perfect ambiance for various types of video content.

Other Products: The studio also features a motorized background system, providing seamless transitions between different setups. With 4 paper backgrounds and 1 media background at their disposal, creators have the flexibility to set the perfect stage for their narratives. Moreover, 8 acoustic panels are strategically placed to ensure optimal sound quality, a vital component of impactful video content.

Shaping the Future with Vision and Purpose

The ACTU's commitment to building a cutting-edge video production studio echoes their dedication to empowering workers and amplifying their voices. This transformation demonstrates the power of vision and innovation, showcasing how a space can be molded to craft narratives that resonate and inspire. As the studio doors open to welcome a new era of storytelling, the focus remains on creating content that captures attention, ignites change, and shapes the future.

In the dynamic intersection of space and purpose, the ACTU's video production studio stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that arise when creativity meets technology. Through this transformation, the power of storytelling takes center stage, illuminating a path toward a future where every story has the chance to be heard and seen.

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