Services Australia

Room Detail:

At Dragon Image, we are always looking to go above and beyond when it comes to our studio build projects. Our latest studio comes in the form of Services Australia, which is easily one of the biggest studio projects we’ve undertaken. Given the scale of the build, the quoting stage of this studio build was quite long, however, the time and effort gone into ensuring the client has received the best possible solution for their needs make it all worthwhile.

Key Features:

Custome 3 x 7m Softbox / Lanturn with 32 LED panels

Custome Tri Softbox with 6 Large LEDs

Lighting bar to light Green Screen

LED backlights 

All connected to DMX

Main Benefits:

The main goal of the studio is to have an adjustable lighting setup that can be connected to a DMX system allowing for lights to be set to preset. The large softboxes are to provide an even light over a large area so anyone can use the space.