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Strathfield Council Library 

Small Photography and Video Studio

Why Upgrade

Libraries have traditionally been known as spaces for reading and research, but they have the potential to offer much more to their communities. With the rise of digital media, libraries can expand their services to include photography and video spaces, providing patrons with access to equipment and resources they may not have otherwise.

By offering photography and video spaces, libraries can provide a creative outlet for community members, encouraging them to explore new forms of expression and share their work with others. These spaces can also serve as a valuable resource for students and researchers, allowing them to capture and analyze visual information.

Libraries can offer a range of photography and video services, from basic equipment rental to more advanced editing and production tools. They can also provide workshops and classes to help patrons develop their skills and learn about new technologies.

In addition to benefiting individuals, libraries can also play a larger role in the community by promoting local artists and filmmakers. By hosting exhibits and screenings, libraries can showcase the work of community members and help foster a sense of pride and connection.

Of course, offering photography and video services requires an investment in equipment, technology, and staff, but the potential benefits to the community are significant. By expanding their services, libraries can become even more valuable resources for the people they serve.

About The Studio.

Originally the room was a computer lab but the Strathfield Council Library wanted to provide a space that could be used for more. Seeing what other libraries were offering, they decided to create a video and photography space. The room is now divided in two, each with its own motorised 4 hook background system, LightPro 40B tracklights and acoustic panels to improve the acoustics with heavy curtains in the middle. 

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