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St Luke Catholic College

Education Studio

Creating an Innovative Learning Space: Dragon Image's Photography Studio for St. Luke's

In the realm of education, innovation is key to preparing students for an ever-evolving world. St. Luke's, an exciting and thriving preschool to post-school learning community, is at the forefront of this mission. They have partnered with Dragon Image to build a state-of-the-art photography studio that reflects their commitment to nurturing creative and innovative problem solvers. Let's delve into the elements that make this studio a shining example of educational innovation.

LightPro 6 Hook Expan System:

The cornerstone of this studio is the LightPro 6 Hook Expan System, a versatile backdrop support system. Designed to adapt and scale, this system offers a practical, chain-operated background drive that can be fixed to a wall or ceiling. Its modular nature allows for expansion, ensuring that the studio can accommodate various backdrop sizes and configurations. The addition of autopoles and super clamps transforms it into a mobile setup, providing even more flexibility. With two autopoles and two super clamps, it becomes a dual mobile and studio background system. This adaptability allows for a seamless transition between different educational activities and creative projects.

LightPro 4 Pantograph Kit:

In a studio where creativity flows freely, lighting plays a pivotal role. The LightPro 4 Pantograph Kit takes the studio's lighting to the next level. This modular overhead lighting suspension system offers precise positioning of lights with ease and speed. By eliminating the clutter of light stands and power cables on the studio floor, it creates a clean and organized workspace. With its dual ceiling track and four pantographs, this kit ensures that the studio is always well-lit, enhancing the quality of photographs and videos produced.

LightPro Ultrasoft 66R and UltraSoft Round 600C LED Panels:

To complement the versatile backdrop and advanced lighting system, the studio is equipped with the LightPro Ultrasoft 66R Continuous LED Panel and the UltraSoft Round 600C Bi-Colour LED Panel. These LED lights offer a strong, high-quality light source without the harshness typically associated with traditional LED panels. The UltraSoft design eliminates multiple shadows, creating a natural and appealing lighting environment for photography and video production. These lights are perfect for capturing the essence of learning and creativity in action.

In a learning environment where "Learning = Infinite Possibilities," this photography studio is a testament to the commitment of staff and parents at St. Luke's to nurture faith-filled, curious children. It empowers students to become creative contributors and innovative problem solvers for a changing world. With Dragon Image's expertise in photography and lighting equipment, St. Luke's has created a space where imagination knows no bounds.

In conclusion, this photography studio represents more than just a physical space; it symbolizes the dedication of educators and parents to provide students with the best tools and environments for learning. By investing in state-of-the-art equipment like the LightPro systems and LED panels, St. Luke's and Dragon Image have crafted a space that truly fosters innovation, creativity, and the limitless potential of every student who enters its doors. The studio is not just a room with cameras and lights; it's a canvas for the dreams and aspirations of future generations.

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