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Winning Appliances 360 Photo Studio

360 Photography Studio

About Winning Appliances

Winning Appliances is a fourth-generation Australian family-owned kitchen and laundry specialist. The company operates fifteen showrooms across Australia, seven of which are in New South Wales, two in Queensland, two in Victoria, three in Western Australia, and one in the Australian Capital Territory.

Winning Appliances sells various kitchen and laundry appliances. The business also works with architects, developers and the construction industry to provide appliances for commercial projects across Australia.

Its national headquarters are in Redfern in Sydney.

Room Detail:

Two professional fully-equipped photography studios - one for 360 degree product photography and one for shooting infomercials.

Key Features (Photography Studio):

• Large L-Shaped curved white cyclorama studio
• Large 6x6m Scrim Frame mounted overhead with 5x Lightpro Shark 3000 LED's
• 2x Lightpro Shark 3000 LED's on the floor with large Rimelite 140x200cm softboxes

Key Features (Commercial Studio):

• Large "house" style studio set
• Exhibition truss system overhead with 8x Lightpro DF-2000XL Panels lighting the set
• 4x Lightpro DN-100FD Fresnel Tungsten lights on the floor emulating natural sunlight 
• All lights are DMX controlled

Main Benefits:

• Overhead softbox eliminates harsh reflections off shiny surfaces such as appliances
• DMX control means all lights can be controlled on the floor, and both individually or all at once
• Having both spaces gives them plenty of flexibility as to the different types of content they can produce to promote their products

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