The Studio - 
Startup Hub

Room Detail:

A professional fully-equipped production studio with Chroma Green Screen and multiple lighting rigs


Key Features:

• 4x6x3 metres urved Digi-Green cyclorama studio
• Choice of either Chroma Green or dark grey floor with black drapes
• Overhead LED panel grid lighting system with adjustable colour temperature
• 2x Fresnel Lights
• 2x sets of Lightpro daylight balanced fluorescents with stands
• 2x brackets for horizontal and vertical lights
• Scrim backcloth
• DMX Crossfade System
• TV (42 inches) with HDMI connection


Main Benefits:

• Analog and digital channel connection to our Sound Control Studio
• Fully customisable lighting, equipment, floor and background
• A versatile space for photoshoots, VR demonstrations, film production and more