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In-house Photography and Video Studio

 Bridging the Gap: Wellcom and Dragon Image's Creative Production Studio

In the ever-evolving world of creative content, the ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between creative vision and production execution is a coveted art. Wellcom, a pioneering force in integrated production, is rewriting the rulebook on how creative content is brought to life. To enhance their capabilities, they've partnered with Dragon Image to create a custom 7-meter-wide white studio with a mesmerizing cyclorama, where creativity knows no bounds.

Our Story: A Fusion of Creativity and Production

With two decades of integrated production experience under their belt, Wellcom is uniquely positioned to harmonize creativity and production like never before. Their mission? To eliminate the gap that often plagues the creative process. 

No more duplication of services, re-creation of assets, or multiple briefings between teams. No more layers of approval that slow down the creative process, and no more loss of cost and creativity in translation. Wellcom's approach involves viewing and building creative through the lens of production, and production through the lens of creative. The result? A level of efficiency that's nothing short of remarkable.

The Wellcom Way: Collaboration and Transparency

At the heart of Wellcom's success is their unwavering commitment to collaboration and transparency. It's a people-first approach that transcends mere business transactions. From the very first meeting, they prioritize building relationships that extend throughout the entire project lifecycle.

What sets Wellcom apart is their dedication to ensuring that the experts their clients meet at the pitch table are the same individuals working alongside them throughout the project. This continuity of talent ensures that there's no disconnect between the initial creative spark and the final product.

Every step of the way, Wellcom keeps their clients informed and involved, offering a profound level of understanding. By providing clients with the knowledge and insight they need, they empower them to make informed decisions about their creative endeavors.


The Studio: Where Creativity Finds a Home

To bring their vision to life and enhance their creative and production capabilities, Wellcom has joined forces with Dragon Image to build a state-of-the-art custom studio. This spacious, 7-meter-wide, white studio boasts a floor-to-wall and wall-to-ceiling cyclorama with a wave-like design. 

This cyclorama is not just a backdrop; it's a canvas where creativity knows no limits. Whether it's photography, videography, product shoots, or artistic projects, the studio provides the perfect environment for creating captivating visuals.

In this collaborative venture, Wellcom and Dragon Image offer a creative haven where visions become reality. Bridging the gap between creative and production, they are setting new standards for efficiency, transparency, and exceptional results.

In summary, the partnership between Wellcom and Dragon Image has not only resulted in a cutting-edge studio but also a revolutionary approach to integrated production. By eliminating the gap between creative and production, Wellcom is providing clients with a smoother, more efficient, and more transparent creative journey. They're redefining the way creativity comes to life and setting new industry standards in the process.

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