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The Wiggles Studio

Inside The Wiggles' Chromakey Studio: Creating High-Quality Content Faster


Creating a dedicated chromakey studio is an excellent investment for any video production company. With the rise of online content creation, there is a growing demand for high-quality videos that stand out from the crowd. The Wiggles, an Australian children's music group, recognized this need and built their own chromakey studio.


Here are the details:

The Room Detail:

The Wiggles converted a small, unused room into a dedicated chromakey studio. This room had previously been underutilized, but now it serves as a versatile space for video and photography production. The key feature of this studio is the 4m wide green cyc, which makes producing chromakey content easy. Additionally, a 2-Hook Expan mounted backdrop system with blue and white backdrops provides even more versatility.

Key Features:

The studio is equipped with a LightPro Track light ceiling-mounted system, which is perfect for lighting up the cyc. This system eliminates the need for additional floor stands, which can take up valuable space and create tripping hazards. Additionally, high-quality studio LED panel lighting is mounted onto the ceiling via scissor clamps. This setup is ideal for providing even and consistent lighting across the entire space.

Two Lightpro 5000 Shark LED on Roller Stands are also included in the studio setup. These lights are perfect for lighting up the subject and are highly portable, allowing them to be easily moved around the studio as needed.

All of the lights in the studio are controlled by a remote control desk. This means that the lights can be controlled from the floor, making it easy for the production team to adjust lighting settings without needing to climb up to the ceiling.

Main Benefits:

Having a dedicated chromakey studio provides several main benefits. First, it allows for more streamlined post-production. Setting up and pulling down equipment can be time-consuming, but with a dedicated space, everything is always ready to go. This means that The Wiggles can create more content faster, without sacrificing quality.

The green cyc is also a significant benefit. Producing chromakey content can be challenging without the proper equipment, but the green cyc makes it easy. It provides a consistent and high-quality backdrop for all of their videos.

Finally, the lighting setup is a major benefit. With lights mounted on the ceiling, there are no tripping hazards, and the production team can easily adjust the lighting as needed. Additionally, the remote control desk makes controlling the lights a breeze.

In conclusion, The Wiggles' new chromakey studio is an excellent investment that will pay off in the long run. With a versatile space, high-quality lighting, and a green cyc, they will be able to create more high-quality content faster than ever before.

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