William Clarke College Studio Build

Room Detail:

A professional fully-equipped dual green and white cyclorama studio for both video and photography.

Key Features:

• 8x5x4 metres (LxWxH) curved Chroma Green cyclorama studio
• High-quality LED lighting, including a mix of Ultrasoft panels and Bowens Mount continuous lighting 
• All lights are mounted onto a 4 Pantograph Ceiling Track System.
• 2x 3-Hook Expan mounted backdrop systems with a variety of white, black and cream backdrops for more shooting options
• 1x Ultrasoft Panel LED on Roller Stand
• Blackout curtains splitting the two studios up so multiple shoots can happen at once
• White plinth for product photography

Main Benefits:

• Fully customisable lighting, equipment, floor and background
• A versatile space for film production, studio photography and more
• All cables are off the floor, eliminating tripping hazards and ensuring student safety.