Winning Appliances

Room Detail:

Two professional fully-equipped photography studios - one for 360 degree product photography and one for shooting infomercials.

Key Features (Photography Studio):

• Large L-Shaped curved white cyclorama studio
• Large 6x6m Scrim Frame mounted overhead with 5x Lightpro Shark 3000 LED's
• 2x Lightpro Shark 3000 LED's on the floor with large Rimelite 140x200cm softboxes

Key Features (Commercial Studio):

• Large "house" style studio set
• Exhibition truss system overhead with 8x Lightpro DF-2000XL Panels lighting the set
• 4x Lightpro DN-100FD Fresnel Tungsten lights on the floor emulating natural sunlight 
• All lights are DMX controlled

Main Benefits:

• Overhead softbox eliminates harsh reflections off shiny surfaces such as appliances
• DMX control means all lights can be controlled on the floor, and both individually or all at once
• Having both spaces gives them plenty of flexibility as to the different types of content they can produce to promote their products