Winning Appliances

A great example of studio spaces for very specific needs. Winning Appliances approached us for two studio builds - a white cyclorama studio for 360-degrees product photography, and a mock house with studio lighting where advertisements for products could be filmed in a home setting. 

Firstly, the white cyclorama studio was built in as an "L-Shape" studio, which contains Lightpro Shark 3000D lights mounted on the ceiling and on stands on the floor, with large softbox diffusion on all lights to reduce reflections on the products. Products are placed on a large turntable, allowing for photos to be taken at all angles without needing to physically move the products.

Secondly, the house studio is fit with ceiling mounted LED panel lighting above the kitchen, bathroom and living rooms, giving soft and even illumination across all areas of the space. Additionally, the Lightpro DN-100FD Fresnel lights are set to shine through windows of the house, giving a natural sunlight effect.