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Kambala High School Studio Build

The Kambala studio build is a very good example of a simple common studio design, it was designed to provide a space for students to work on video and photography projects, making sure all lights were able to be easily moved around but still kept of the ground for safety and neatness by using a ceiling track and pantograph system.

Backdrop solution

LightPro 4 Hook Expan Set for Background System

Expan set (1 set of quad hooks, 4 expan set and 4 aluminium tubes) The EXPAN system provides a practical, unitized, chain-operated background drive in a system for fixed location (wall or ceiling mount) that lets you start with four pole sets and add additional units as you need them.

OPTION: By adding on the autopole and super clamps you can make them mobile. With the addon 2 autopoles and 2 superclamps, you can make it dual mobile and studio background system.

*** Please note: Autopoles are not included in this kit, this is for demonstration purposes ***

LightPro White Velvet Seamless Background Material

LightPro White Velvet background material provides a high-quality, non-reflecting surface with an exquisite, fine-tooth feel that’s ideal for creating smooth and even backgrounds in portraits, commercial photography, product photography, video photography, and much more.

This background is perfect for high-key style photography, the fibers spread the bright light around to make a perfect white background.

LightPro Jet Black Velvet Seamless Background Material

This background is perfect for low-key style photography and low-key filmmaking, absorbing light to give a deep rich black background. Remember to flag your lights and use egg-crate grids on your softboxes to reduce the light spill onto the velvet

With jet black velvet though, the way to make the black background black is by choosing the correct lighting and exposure to make it black. If it comes out grey, you are overexposing it. Try some negative exposure compensation. If you want to know what lights you should be using, we at Dragon Image can show you some premade kits or customise a kit for your needs.

Superior Stinger Green 2.72m x 11m Seamless Background Paper Roll

This Seamless green paper background is a great solution, especially for schools. The seamless paper speads light easily with very little post production needed to do your cut outs with. This makes the material perfect for Greenscreen Chromakeying.

When a section of the paper gets dirty, simply cut if off and roll down a new section. this also enables easy use of green material on the ground, something which you really cant do with velvet for fear of dirt.

Superior Dawn Grey 2.72m x 11m Seamless Background Paper Roll

Ceiling Track

LightPro 4 Pantograph Kit - Dual Ceiling Track w 4 Pantographs

The LightPro 4 Pantograph Kit - Dual Ceiling Track w 4 Pantographs is a modular overhead lighting suspension system which can be expanded or modified to your requirements. It provides precise positioning of lights with ease and speed, eliminating the clutter of light stands and power cables on the floor. The systems utilize a combination of rails, carriages, telescopic posts, and manual spring/cable assisted or motorized pantographs.

LightPro Ceiling / Wall Mounted Spigot with Extension

The room this studio was to be bulit in had a floating ceiling (ceiling tiles lower than the physical ceiling) which is a very common thing, unfortunately you cannot attacha celing track system to this. Thats where the LightPro Ceiling extension comes in, these are attached to the physical ceiling and extend down through the floating ceiling, then the ceiling track system is attached to them.


Lightpro Shark 1200D ~ current equivalent

The Lightpro Shark 1200D is an extremely powerful LED light with a Bowen-S mount fitting, making it the perfect light for photographers who are transitioning into video production and still want to make use of their S-type accessories, such as softboxes and reflectors. With extremely high TLCI and CRI ratings of aboth 95+, and LUX ratings of 9239 (daylight) and 6258 (tungsten), this light is extremely colour accurate, and with the wide range of S-type accessories on the market, you can control the light output in many different ways to get the look you want.

Being bi-colour, you have complete colour temperature control from 3200-5600K, as well as dimmable brightness. All this is controlled through an external ballast, making the light itself very lightweight and easy to use. It has both the option for AC and battery power, and includes a standard S-type reflector as an optional attachment.

Lightpro Ultrasoft 60S

The Lightpro UltraSoft DF-60S is perfect for those after a strong, high quality of light without the harshness that normal LED panels tend to give off. The 60S’s design ensures there is no chance of shadows, as the light acts as a single solid light source. It is a bi-colour light allowing you colour temperature range from 3000-5600K, as well as dimmable brightness.

With a LUX rating of around 3600, it is the perfect keylight at any distance, and the inbuilt diffusion is designed to emulate a softbox-esque output. This is perfect for a soft, wrapping light that compliments surfaces or skin tones. It also has extremely high CRI and TLCI ratings of 97 and 98 respectively, meaning it makes skin tones pop really nicely.

Please Note: Due to the nature of products being updated, the products may change to suit the current version of the product. If a product is not available or there is a better one at the same price you will get contacted. Dragon Image will endeavour to select products that preform the same task as the product being replaced.


Installation Time: 1-2 days Installation Cost: $2800 approx.

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