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St. Ritas College Studio Lighting Solution

What was required:

To replace the existing lighting with new LED lighting, to give an even spread of highly colour accurate light across their pre-existing green screen studio.

Our solution:

The Lightpro Ultrasoft 66R LED Panels, with high TLCI and soft, evenly spread output of light.

When looking at examples of our lighting put into action in a studio environment, one only needs to look at the work we’ve done for St. Rita’s College in Brisbane. They came to us needing to get new lighting installed in their green screen studio. This involved installing 10x Lightpro Ultrasoft 66R LED panels onto a pre-existing ceiling track facing the green cyclorama, allowing for soft, even lighting across the space.

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Lightpro Ultrasoft DF-66R Continuous LED Panel:

The Lightpro UltraSoft DF-66R is perfect for those after a strong, high quality of light without the harshness that normal LED panels tend to give off. The 66R’s design ensures there is no chance of shadows, as the light acts as a single solid light source. It is a bi-colour light allowing you colour temperature range from 3000-5600K, as well as dimmable brightness.

With a LUX rating of around 3600, it is the perfect keylight at any distance, and the inbuilt diffusion is designed to emulate a softbox-esque output. This is perfect for a soft, wrapping light that compliments surfaces or skin tones. It also has extremely high CRI and TLCI ratings of 97 and 98 respectively, meaning it makes skin tones pop really nicely.

Upon request, a wireless 2.4G remote will be supplied to allow for effortless wireless control of the lights’ colour temperatures and brightness. By syncing the lights to the same wireless channel, they can all be controlled with the same remote.

Other Accessories:

Lightpro Super Clamp

AccPro 16mm Spigot with 1/4" and 3/8" Threads

Remote for Lightpro Ultrasoft DF-66R LED Panel (available upon request)

Please Note:

Due to the nature of products being updated, products may change to suit the current version of the product. If a product is not available or there is a better one at the same price you will get contacted. Dragon Image will endeavour to select products that perform the same task as the one being replaced.

Installation Time: 1-2 days

Installation Cost: $800 approx.

Please note that installation cost varies depending on the location and ceiling type and an inspection is highly recommended.

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