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Need a Studio?

to create your own video content. Having the perfect space means that you can make the video content you need to, when you want to (assuming you can get everyone together). Not having 'the space' means that you would either have to make do with what is available or hire one, which usually comes with its own challenges.


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 Planning & Building

Dragon Image has built photographic and video studios around Australia for Companies, Government, Schools. We get involved in the briefing process speaking to the people using the studio and their needs. There are a lot of things that you need to consider when building a studio and we are happy to help.


Equipment Supply

As one of Australia's leading distributors of video and photography equipment for over 30 years, we are committed to providing quality support and service. Not only do we provide the materials, we work with you and give you the right advice to provide the exact solution and equipment for your needs.

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Training & Consulting

As available technologies continue to emerge and transform the way we do things, both in the classroom and in the real world, it is important to remember that knowing what the technologies are and how to use them is only a small piece of the puzzle; what is far more important is understanding why.



Dragon Image is a leading Importer and Distributor of Photographic and Video equipment in Australia. Since its inception in 1993, Dragon Image has expanded to four showrooms and warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, supported by a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff. With nearly twenty years of importation and distribution experience under its belt, Dragon Image distinguishes itself from other organisations by focusing on introducing an endless offering of new products to the industry.

Dragon Image strives for continuous improvement in the delivery of products and services and this is what makes the company stand apart from its competitors. Dragon Image has the ability to source the latest products from international suppliers and brands, ensuring you are staying up to date with current trends and technology.



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